Anand Mahindra’s Hilarious Post on Dogs Being Part of Work from Home Leaves Netizens in Splits

Anand Mahindra’s Hilarious Post on Dogs Being Part of Work from Home Leaves Netizens in Splits

Billionaire businessman Anand Mahindra is known for his witty posts and comments on social media. Sometimes he shares posts with innovative ideas across various areas, other times he shares his views on some of the most sensitive issues of the day.

The latest one from his collection shows a dog suited up. Yes, it is hilarious.

In the picture that has been liked more than two thousand times, a formally dressed man can be seen rearranging his dog’s suit. The dog doesn’t seem too excited, which is understandably normal, after all who enjoys business meetings!

“Not sure why this (picture) was shared with me but I sincerely hope it isn’t the next phase of Working From Home: Finding a proxy for yourself in webinars & VCs ,” wrote Mahindra in the post. It is seriously doubtful if the dog would work as a proxy, however well-groomed it might be. But the way Covid-19 pandemic has altered the lifestyle of people across the world, an imagination such as this may not be too far-fetched.

The hilarious image was bound to draw several comments and replies from the Twitterati. Here are some of the best ones:

This user has an idea to make the proxy thing work. Here’s how, “Just need to put the webcam a little bit down so only the dress can be visible.”

“Well it is good for the company as Dogs are more faithful and hardworking than humans,” wrote one user.

“And the dog is giving a disappointed look. Like, why you are over burdening me with official get up. I am happy with what I am,” read another comment.

“Sirji, the pet also understands the plight of an executive. See his expressions.”

One user saw it differently than others. According to him, the dog is not getting prepared for a meeting but for a wedding.

Check out some more comments:

In a recent tweet on Thursday, the industrialist expressed his opinion on a spoof magazine cover, which showed a man dressed in a formal blazer with no pants. The image indicated how the virtual meetings have got most of us caring only for the torso since that is the only part visible in the zoom calls unless you stand up by mistake and make a fool of yourself.

However, Anand Mahindra had his own opinion in the image and suggested that Indians have the bliss of wearing comfy lungi and will never be a victim of Zoom meeting goof-ups. Captioning the tweet he said, “Sorry, but you can throw this cover in the trash can”, adding that Indians win the game of ‘work from home’ fashion with lungis worn below jackets, which, according to him, make for comfortable and protective gear. He said lungis are far more stylish and far less awkward in case you stand up accidentally.

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