Anime Art by Disha Patani’s Brother Called Out For Plagiarism; Original Artist Reacts

Anime Art by Disha Patani’s Brother Called Out For Plagiarism; Original Artist Reacts

Bollywood actor Disha Patani has been called out by Diet Sabya for posting a picture of an artwork, claiming that it has been made by her brother, Suryansh Patani.

Disha posted a picture of an anime character Malina from the game Helltaker and captioned it, “sketchbysurimy little bro’s art inspired by inhoso”

Although Disha gave the credit to Inhoso — the Argentinian artist who made the sketch of the anime character — Diet Sabya called her out for the unmissable similarities between the two pictures. In a story that has now disappeared, Diet Sabya said that the picture Disha posted was actually Inhoso’s art with the watermark removed, reported Storypick.

Many users also started calling Disha out for the alleged plagiarism in the comments section of her post.

One user wrote, “Nice stolen art,” while another user tagged the Argentinian artist and said, “Stolen from”

The report says that Inhoso reacted to the whole controversy by posting an Instagram story. He said that his drawing of Melina is a fan art and drawing it is illegal (as the character is copyrighted) so there is not much he can do about his artwork being copied.

Inhoso also said that he is not angry but happy because people came forward to help him. He ended the story asking his supporters to chill.

However, in a new Instagram story, the artist said that things have escalated quickly and he appreciates the support. Changing his stance, he now says that “the whole ‘problem’ was a misunderstanding and its already settled.” You can check out the artist’s link here.

He also said that Disha has given him credits in the post and that is more than enough. The sketch artist cautioned his supporters to not post mean and hateful comments or threats.

Calling it a mistake, he insisted that his artwork was reproduced and shared it on Instagram because it looked nice. According to Inhoso, they have now given him the credit so his supporters should now move on.

This artwork is reportedly a fan art of the character Malina from the video game Helltaker. The Argentinian artist had first posted it on its Insta account Inhoso’s in July.

In February 2020, Diet Sabya had called out Disha Patani for her outfit in the film Malang. The handle had asked its followers if Disha’s dress is a ‘gandi copy’ of Sarah Jessica Parker’s dress.

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