Anurag Kashyap’s Daughter Aaliyah Recalls Being Hospitalised For Severe Panic Attack; ‘I Was Like I’m Dying’

Anurag Kashyap’s Daughter Aaliyah Recalls Being Hospitalised For Severe Panic Attack; ‘I Was Like I’m Dying’

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In her new YouTube video, filmmaker Anurag Kashyap’s daughter Aaliyah Kashyap spoke about how her mental health took a toll on her, and she felt like she was dying. Speaking about dealing with anxiety and depression, Aaliyah said that she dealt with them since she was a teenager.

She further said that despite dealing with it on and off, it has never been bad to the point where she couldn’t cope with it. She further asserted that it has always been easy for her to snap out of it, and it never bothered her to the point where she felt like it was ruining her life.

However, when Aaliyah tested positive for COVID-19 last November, things really got out of hand, and she faced the worst pangs of anxiety.


Aaliyah said that ever since she tested positive for COVID-19, she has not been able to snap out of it. Even though she has recovered from it completely, her mental health is still not in a good shape.

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“I’ll do a therapy or counselling session and I’ll be fine for months or weeks. But it was really hard for me after November. I was just super low, constantly crying, feeling like there was no purpose to my life, like I didn’t want to exist or do anything. I thought I was a burden on everyone else and all of these negative interrupting thoughts in my head that obviously aren’t true. But that is what it felt like,” added Aaliyah.

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On April 10, Aaliyah lived her nightmare when her body suddenly became numb and her heart started beating really fast.

“I started sweating. My body started violently trembling. Literally, I was like, ‘I am dying’. It felt like this was it for me and I was going to die. Mind you, I have had panic attacks before but nothing like this, ever. So I didn’t know what I was having was a panic attack and not a heart attack or stroke,” recalled Aaliyah.

When Aaliyah visited the hospital, she was told that she had a severe anxiety attack. “It was like the scariest day and night of my life. I felt so much anxiety, for no reason. Like, nothing triggered it,” shared Aaliyah with her followers in her video.

Aaliyah concluded by saying that the only reason behind sharing such details about her anxiety with her followers, is to let them know that if they’re facing the same, they should know that they’re not alone.

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