Brave New World: How will US rebuild its infra & why you should take ESG investing seriously

Brave New World: How will US rebuild its infra & why you should take ESG investing seriously

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How will US rebuild its infra? It does not produce any steel


Therefore, buying fixed asset owners makes sense

Remember “Arab spring”


Global Food Prices surge to the same level as onset of the ‘Arab Spring’

Global GDP growth will disappoint in second half of the year

Bloomberg highlights that the number of firms concerned about rising input costs is the highest in a decade. The gap between PPI and CPI is towards the highest since the early 1990s. The WSJ says that, buffeted by the rising costs, some manufacturers are refusing to accept orders or are even considering shutting down operations temporarily, moves that could put more strain on global supply chains.

“If input cost pressure persists, more manufacturers in China will either be forced to halt production, or pass it on to consumers at home and abroad,” said Standard Chartered. “Our research indicates that there’s a strong correlation between inflation in China and consumer inflation in the US.”

If margin pressures are so severe that companies may have to close or stop accepting orders, it would suggest that real GDP growth is peaking and will slow.

Investors need to start taking ESG seriously even if does not make any sense


ESG assets may hit $53 trillion by 2025, a third of global AUM

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