Couple’s Gender Reveal Poster for Baby Inspired by Oscar Winner ‘Parasite’ is a Hit on the Internet

Couple’s Gender Reveal Poster for Baby Inspired by Oscar Winner ‘Parasite’ is a Hit on the Internet

The West is pretty much consumed by the idea of gender reveal parties and it recently came under heavy criticism after one such party in California started the catastrophic wildfires. However, one couple is showing how to do gender reveal parties in the most fun and creative way.

A reddit post by Norm Chan, who is a tech geek from the famous tech platform Tested, has won the hearts of many netizens through his cinematic way of revealing the gender of their baby. Posted on Friday, the couple recreated the Oscar-winning movie Parasite’s poster and announced that they were expecting a girl.

All the family members in the poster have their eyes blacked out just like in the original poster. The poster takes a sarcastic dig at the baby, calling it a parasite for the mother, and showed Norm’s wife Danica Chan nestling her baby bump, while her husband stood in the foreground holding a soft toy.

The poster also featured their elder son who is in the background next to his playing tent. Maybe the boy’s position also signifies the general position of elder siblings when the new baby arrives?

There is a pink ball in the centre of the poster, a colour which indicates the female sex of the baby. On top of the poster is written, “For those wondering it’s a girl.” Check it out here.

The post was shared on subreddit ‘funny’ and has received over 112k upvotes. Netizens also got creative in the comment section as one user asked, “Will you be naming her Jessica, only child, Illinois, Chicago?”

The famous dialogue is spoken by South Korean actor Park So-Dam in the movie, which went quite viral. Another user said, “Yeah but she has to do the finger-quote thing during every classroom roll call.”

Another user took a dig at the California wildfire-causing gender reveal party and said, “In my country we commemorate the birth of a new child by burning down a forest. A sentimental people, we are.”

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