‘COVID-19 spurring digital adoption’

‘COVID-19 spurring digital adoption’

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has compelled companies to embrace technologies and systems that have accelerated the pace of digital transformation worldwide, Michael Dell, chairman and CEO of Dell Technologies, said in a recent virtual address.

“Ten months ago, few of us had ever heard of coronavirus. Now, just about every aspect of our lives has been upended. There is a heartbreaking story of lives lost, shuttered businesses, and rising unemployment. In that moment, the global economy has pivoted and the stories of passion and resilience have been inspiring,” said Mr. Dell, founder of the eponymous IT company. “Technology has never been more central than it is right now.”

‘In three months’

The pandemic had spurred firms to re-imagine their businesses. “For many enterprises, digital three-year plans got done in three months… The digital transformation will only accelerate from here, with the combination of massive computing power, 5G, and AI. It’s like a machine. The fuel for that is data; with everything becoming intelligent and connected, the relevance of data will explode.”

Asserting that the data era had arrived, he said organisations needed to accelerate their digital transformation. “5G is the digital fabric that allows us to extend the cloud to the mobile edge,” he said.

Dell was now focussed on offering its products and solutions ‘as a service’, the CEO said. “In the past year, we’ve seen very strong growth in our as-a-service offerings. Now, we will deliver all products and solutions as a service in an effort we are calling, Project Apex, so you can consume solutions anywhere you want, pay as you use, pay as you go or subscribe. We are full speed ahead at building the essential infrastructure for the data era, towards accelerating digital transformation with solutions that are automated, intelligent and integrated,” Mr. Dell added.

‘More sustainable’

“People have asked for years, what happens if everyone works from home? Well, now we’re finding out. The more we can virtualise travel, interaction, collaboration, communication, the greener, more sustainable, and more productive we become,” Mr. Dell said.

“This can also be a launchpad to address social disparities. A highly distributed workforce broadens the reach of opportunity. Advances in telemedicine and long-distance learning are breakthrough opportunities to broaden access to care and education. It’s not one size fits all. But overall, we’ve just jumped ahead to a more digital future, and we’re not going back.”

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