‘Cowid Herd Immunity?’: Bizarre Video of 85 Cows Running on England Street Sparks Jokes on Twitter

‘Cowid Herd Immunity?’: Bizarre Video of 85 Cows Running on England Street Sparks Jokes on Twitter

In a bizarre incident, a herd of cows was seen running wild on a street in Somerset county in South West England on Monday. The members of public and some pub-goers, who witnessed the stampede were stunned as the herd which consisted of 85 cows ran on the High Street past the Phoenix Hotel in Chard town.

Several calls were made by the locals at about 9:45 pm to the police station seeking assistance to bring the situation under control. The police sprang into action promptly and blocked several roads and junctions to contain the stampede. By midnight, the situation was brought under control with joint efforts of the police officials and the locals. According to the media reports, nobody was hurt in the incident.

A footage of the cattle running on the High Street was captured by the security camera of the Phoenix Hotel.

“Moooove out the way! Bizarre moment, herd of 85 cows stampede down Somerset high street,” read the Twitter post shared by Daily Mail. The video has been viewed more than 13 thousand times, with several users making funny comments on it.

“No masks? No distancing?” wrote one user.

“Cowid herd immunity anyone?” read another comment.

“Even cows are fed up of sitting down I guess,” wrote a user.

The manager at the Phoenix Hotel, Steven Jones, was quoted by the Daily Mail as saying, “It was unbelievable, we have never seen anything like it here before. The cows were all moving at quite a pace, and a few ran past on the pavement right next to the pub.”

Jones added that they were lucky the incident did not occur 10 or 15 minutes earlier, as a lot of people who had just left the pub were standing outside would have got in the way and could have been injured.

He said that the cows were gathered at the local rugby club where they created a bit of a mess. A spokesperson for Avon and Somerset Constabulary said that they got many calls around 9:45 pm about the cows. As a precaution, road-blocks were placed at junction with Fore Street and A30. The officers remained on the streets until midnight to round up the animals.

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