Did Drake Serve Mac n Cheese with Raisins in His Birthday Party? Fans are Roasting the Odd Dish

Did Drake Serve Mac n Cheese with Raisins in His Birthday Party? Fans are Roasting the Odd Dish

Canadian rap star Drake turned 34 recently and a lavish party was organised for his family and friends to celebrate his birthday. A picture that is said to be of the menu from the party has now surfaced on the Internet. The thing which has caught the attention of his fans is the unusual kind of mac and cheese that was supposedly served at the Canadian rapper’s birthday party.

The dish had sundried tomatoes, caper, parsley but its fourth topping left people shocked. There was an option to add raisins to the mac and cheese. The combination was found weird by most people as the savoury dish is made of two basic ingredients — macaroni and cheese — and the addition of sweet raisins seems strange.

Tweeting the menu, the user wrote, “Drake could have any meal in the world, but raisins IN mac & cheese lands on the birthday menu.”

However, the person also said that he hopes the menu is fake and not from Drake’s birthday party.

The dreaded raisins made their way on the menu twice, being also available with grilled cauliflower, a salty starter. Of course, there were strong reactions against the fusion of raisins with salty dishes.

Replying to the original tweet, one user said, “Word. I mean, really, WHO puts raisins in mac n’ cheese?” Irritated with the experiment, the Twitter handle asked them to put some chocolate in the dish too.

Miranda Benham, another commenter, said that Drake needs a better graphic designer because “it is a typo in a sea of bad font/alignment/ordering decisions.”

In his latest Instagram post, Drake thanked everyone for the birthday wishes. He shared a picture where he is wearing a yellow-coloured and a white owl is sitting on his wrist.

The caption said, “As wise as the old owl but still the gold child. Thank you for all your love and well wishes.”

On the work front, Drake is dropping his next album called Certified Lover Boy in January 2021. He shared the news with his followers on Instagram by releasing a teaser of the album.

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