ETMarkets’ Investors Guide: A b asset manager’s mantra for consistent success | The Economic Times Podcast

ETMarkets’ Investors Guide: A $3b asset manager’s mantra for consistent success | The Economic Times Podcast

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Welcome to ETMarkets’ Investors Guide, the show about asset classes, market trends, and investment opportunities. This is Sandeep Singh.

The investment management industry can be cruel. Today’s winners are forgotten tomorrow, but the industry rewards consistency.

TCG Asset Management’s Multicap Fund has been consistently beating the market and has generated returns of 26% in five years, one of the highest among portfolio management schemes in that period.

ETMarkets’ Chiranjivi Chakraborty caught up with TCG Asset’s Managing Director Chakri Lokapriya, who overlooks assets worth $3 billion under the PMS and alternate investment funds, to understand the secret of TCG’s outperformance and his views on the biggest issues in financial markets today.

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Q. Your five-year track record is the best in the industry. What does it take to be such a consistent outperformer as a PMS?

Q. We have seen some resurgence in interest in the ‘unlock’ sectors this week. Is that the place for outperformance going ahead?

Q. Globally, the demand scenario looks vibrant led by the developed economies but in India growth is increasingly vulnerable. Do you worry India will be left behind in the post-COVID global economic boom?

Q. Despite your track record I have to ask this, do you regret missing out on some sector or stock over the past 12 months or regret getting out too early?

Q. Lastly, we have seen some bizarre things happen in the world of investment since the start of the pandemic. What is the craziest investment story you have seen over this time?

Thank you, Mr Lokapriya and Chiranjivi. that was indeed an insightful conversation.

That’s it in this week’s edition of ETMarkets’ Investors Guide. Do come back next Saturday for this weekly special. You can check out our regular podcasts on the equity market twice every weekday.

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