Ferocious Cat Attacks Dog, Pulls Down the Pants of Pet Parent in a Violent Clash

Ferocious Cat Attacks Dog, Pulls Down the Pants of Pet Parent in a Violent Clash

Istanbul is renowned for its rich history as the erstwhile capital of the Byzantine empire but now it seems the city has become a capital of aggressive cats.

The city known for its massive population of cats can sometimes get pretty violent if its arch-enemy, dog decides to reside in the same area. A recent CCTV footage from the Bagcilar neighbourhood of Istanbul in Turkey shows how a dog-owner had a pretty tough time defending his dog while trying to keep his pants on as a ferocious feline jumped on to them to defend her kittens.

The video shows how a man was walking his dog when they suddenly realise that they had unknowingly encroached upon the mother cat’s area. The owner lifts his dog by the leash and the cat leaps on to him to attack the enemy. In this process the man’s pants also slip down a little exposing his butt, however, he focussed on getting his dog out of the warzone safely. The incident unfolds outside a cafe and later in the video two men come forward to calm the situation. One of the men stands between the attacked dog-owner and the cat and tries to distance the cat away from the victims.

Quoting Turkish newspaper Sozcu, Daily Mail UK said the cafe owners named the feline Azrael after the cat from the animated movie Smurfs. In the movie, Azrael was owned by the evil villain Gargame which often attempts to help him catch Smurfs so he can turn them into gold.

However, Istnabul has a long tradition of adoring the felines and taking care of them as a community. According to The New York Times Istanbul, a megacity of 15 million people, has 130,000 dogs and 125,000 cats roaming free. Turkey being a pre-dominantly Muslim country has a natural love for felines. Muslim countries honours its cats since they are considered ritually clean animals in Islam. There are numerous examples of the Prophet’s fondness for cats mentioned in the hadith, the collected sayings and actions of Muhammad.

Istanbul’s people are known to have developed their fondness for the animals and feed and nurture them.

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