Funeral-themed Surprise Parties New Hit on Twitter after Man Shares Moving Video of His Birthday

Funeral-themed Surprise Parties New Hit on Twitter after Man Shares Moving Video of His Birthday

Birthday parties are an interesting affair when your friends and family plan a surprise for you. But how would you react if instead of your birthday party, you receive a funeral party?

This weird incident happened with American lawyer Eli McCann who described his experience through a series of tweets earlier this week.

Detained left-wing activist Reina Mae Nasino in handcuffs and wearing a protective suit to prevent the spread of the coronavirus holds a flower as she attends funeral rites for her three-month-old firstborn named River at Manila's North Cemetery, Philippines on Friday Oct. 16, 2020. Left-wing groups on Friday decried the treatment as brutal of Nasino, who was allowed by a Manila court to attend her baby's burial but was restrained with handcuffs, a sweltering protective suit and swarms of armed escorts as she quietly wept. (AP Photo/Aaron Favila)

The Utah resident said that three years ago, his then boyfriend threw a surprise funeral for his birthday because he believed that people shouldn’t have to die in order to witness how their friends gather and express their love for them. With this novel idea, McCann’s boyfriend instructed everyone to ignore McCann so it would feel like he was a ghost visiting his own funeral.

McCann said it was the weirdest thing he had ever walked into and his friends even prepared a montage of his pictures from childhood, accompanying it with the song Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Midler.

McCann’s mother was also roped in by his boyfriend to prepare programs for the funeral. As weird as it may sound, McCann expressed that his boyfriend – who is now his husband – melts his heart constantly and especially when his expressions of love get weird.

The tweet has received over 1.8k likes as netizens praise this weird yet unique idea. It has also inspired some people, who are now expecting a similar theme for their birthdays, “I want this for my next birthday so damn bad!”

One user asked McCann if she can be friends with the couple, who have inspired her.

A curious user asked if he pushed something off from the table to surprise the guests and make them aware of the presence of his spirit. “Did you push something off the table so someone would say ‘look, his spirit is here with us’,” the comment read.

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