German Man Sets Record for Most Number of Body Modifications, Including Two Horns and 453 Piercings

German Man Sets Record for Most Number of Body Modifications, Including Two Horns and 453 Piercings

If you think Kylie Jenner has had a major transformation after some plastic surgeries and botox, then you haven’t met the OG of body modifications yet. Germany’s Rolf Buchholz has set the Guinness World Record for the most number of body modifications.

The 61-year-old got his first tattoo at the age of 40 and since then, he has had more than 516 body modifications and it still is not the end for him.

Buchholz, who works in information technology for a telecom company, has been rendered almost unrecognisable with several piercings along his lips, eyebrows, nose and even two small horns on his forehead. However, he says the process has only changed his outer appearance and has not changed him as a person.

With 453 piercings, 90 percent tattoo coverage over his body and subdermal implants, Rolf was also recognised by Guinness as the man with the most number of body piercings in 2010. He has around 37 piercings around his eyebrows. Rolf came under spotlight after he was turned back from the Dubai airport in 2014, for his unique appearance.

A spokesman for the hotel where Buchholz was scheduled to appear said its management had failed to convince the authorities despite all its attempts to win permission for him to enter the Emirates.

Five years after the incident, Buchholz had two horns implanted into his forehead.The subdermal implants cost him up to £1,500 (Rs 1.37 lakhs). He has even tattooed his eyes and has modified his tongue into a forked one. Rolf has around six subdermal implants around his wrists and even has magnetic implants on his hands. He has caught people’s attention again recently after Guinness World Records shared his videos on their social media channels.

Buchholz said that his most painful body modification process were the palm tattoos, “It really hurts, I have no high pain tolerance.”

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