In Final Battle Between Trump and Biden Interrupted by Muted Mic, Memes  Were the Real Winner

In Final Battle Between Trump and Biden Interrupted by Muted Mic, Memes Were the Real Winner

In the final face-off between US President Donald Trump and his rival candidate Joe Biden for the upcoming US presidential polls, things certainly did not go down as nicely as expected. The debate included jibes and insults like liar and clown, among other things. The first round of debate that took place on September 29 was also full of similar jibes. However, since the first round was extremely chaotic, a mute microphone feature was introduced in this one in order to control the level of chaos. This step was taken by the Commission on Presidential Debates.

As per the new rule by the commission, the microphones of both the presidential candidates were muted when the other person was giving an initial two-minute response to each topic. Things went a bit out of hand when their mics were left live during the open discussion that followed. The two candidates debated on fighting Covid-19, American families, race in America, climate change, national security and leadership. The US presidential election is scheduled to take place on November 3.

As things went out of hand, a meme fest began on Twitter with various people being of the opinion that the winner of the debate should be the mute button. Many people shared apt cartoon GIFs to describe their reaction to the debate. Have a look at some of the hilarious tweets:

It must be noted that only 200 people were present in the debate hall at Belmont University in Nashville. A representative of the Commission on Presidential Debates was appointed, whose job was to ensure that both US President Donald Trump and his rival Joe Biden get complete two uninterrupted minutes for the opening statements on the major topics of the debate. Due to the ongoing widespread of the pandemic, each person who entered the hall was tested for the novel coronavirus. Only those people who tested negative were allowed inside, these people were also wearing wrist bands so that it was easy for organisers to identify them as non covid-19 patients.

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