Man Gets Slapped by Wife on Tenerife-bound Flight After His Anti-Mask Tirade

Man Gets Slapped by Wife on Tenerife-bound Flight After His Anti-Mask Tirade

COVID-19 pandemic has changed us and our world, but it has also created new sects of conspiracy theorists. One of them recently featured in a viral video after being slapped by his wife in-flight.

The incident happened on an EasyJet flight where a passenger went on an anti-mask tirade with a rather aggressive stance, prompting his wife to slap him.

Moments before the physical violence, the man was yelling and cursing his fellow passengers, urging them to take off their protective masks. He used words like “fight back” and “I’m serious, get them off, get them off,” and for a moment he looked like he would force everyone to take their masks off. There are many people who believe the Coronavirus pandemic is a “hoax” and “government conspiracy” to control the population.

As he is made to sit down by the staff and the woman seated beside him, he yelled, “Shut up you ****ing imbecile,” and also slapped her, according to a passenger. “The guy was shouting and swearing about the fact we are now having to wear masks and have our freedom and lifestyles restricted,” the passenger who recorded then the whole ordeal on camera told Dailymail. He added how things quickly escalated and “all hell broke loose” when his wife slapped him, and he slapped her back.

This happened on a flight EZY1907 from Manchester to Tenerife on September 6. The airline later confirmed that police were waiting at the arrival to meet the disruptive passenger.

Due to the COVID regulation, all passengers and crew are mandated to wear a mask for the entire duration of air travel in the UK. The airline told The Independent that their staff is very well trained to assess and evaluate any kind of situation that may arise on board. They know how to act quickly to ensure the safety of the flight, as well as its passengers, aren’t compromised, they added.

“We do not tolerate abusive or threatening behaviour onboard. The safety and wellbeing of customers and crew is our highest priority,” the airline rep said.

This is not the first time an anti-masker has created a nuisance on the flight. A man wearing a Trump support hat in Atlanta was made to de-board for removing his mask and putting others at risk. Another from EasyJet flight was removed earlier this week for yelling “everyone dies” at the crew and refusing to wear the mask.

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