Midas, Medusa Under Lockdown: This American Illustrator Re-imagined Greek Gods During Covid Times

Midas, Medusa Under Lockdown: This American Illustrator Re-imagined Greek Gods During Covid Times

Taking inspiration from Greek mythology, an illustrator has created Greek ‘quarantology’ — depicting what Greek gods would do during Covid-19 quarantine, and the results are amusing.

The American illustrator Jonathan Muroya has reimagined 12 characters from Greek mythology and his touch is making the ancient characters relatable to the modern-day audience.

In his first post from the series ‘Greek Quarantology,’ he shared the illustration of Jason and the golden fleece that appears in the tale; however, it comes with a twist in 2020. The modern-day Greek god is wrapped in the golden fleece and sitting on a couch, watching television.

The tale of Narcissus is also modernised. The Greek god who fell in love with his own image when he saw it in a pool is depicted as sitting in front of a computer screen. He is on a video call and is so impressed with himself, that he can be seen falling in love with himself.

King Midas’ golden touch is also customised according to the Covid-19 times. The king who could touch things and turn them into gold is depicted with a hand sanitiser. In the illustration, he is sanitising his hands after touching a girl, a common protocol to protect oneself from Covid-19 pandemic.

His illustrations are being received well by the Instagram users. A commenter named Justine said, “Love this series! Wish there were more than 12.”

His illustration of Medusa where the monstrous figure is trying to chop her hair felt relatable because salon services during Covid-19 have been limited. Under this post, a person commented, “Timeless and timely.”

Jonathan’s Instagram timeline is full of his illustrations and sketches. As per his website, Jonathan is from Minnesota but currently lives in Providence in the state of Rhode Island, USA.

His illustrations have featured in international newspapers of repute like The New York Times and The Washington Post. You can check out his Instagram handle here.

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