Paytm launches video-based wealth community

Paytm launches video-based wealth community

Digital financial services platform Paytm on Monday announced a new video-based wealth community wherein users can interact with subject-matter experts on topics such as stocks, IPO, ETFs, mutual funds, among others.

“Paytm Wealth Community is India’s first investing community based on video, and will enable users to attend live sessions conducted by subject matter experts across an array of wealth topics like stocks, F&O, IPO, ETFs, mutual funds, gold, fixed income, and personal finance,” the company said in a statement.

It added that users will be able to learn from experts, interact with them to clarify doubts, and also chat with other users on the platform to discuss various wealth related topics.

Noting that the way youth today interacts, learns, or transacts, has evolved rapidly, Paytm said across all parts of life, digital communities and groups have grown.

“The platform is very intuitive, offers live video content on an interactive chat platform, and creators are conducting 30 to 60-minute sessions in multiple languages like Hindi, English, Gujarati and others,” it said.

In the beta phase, a limited set of creators have been onboarded by Paytm. All creators go through a comprehensive KYC onboarding and all content is recorded/checked to ensure the safety of retail investors.

The Paytm Wealth community is initially being offered in beta mode on the Paytm Money platform.

Varun Sridhar, CEO of Paytm Money said, “Paytm Money was a natural choice for the beta launch of Paytm Wealth Community, given our direct access to the broad investment community and reach across India.”

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