Tamil Nadu Couple Receives Unique and ‘Expensive’ Bouquet of Onions as Wedding Gift

Tamil Nadu Couple Receives Unique and ‘Expensive’ Bouquet of Onions as Wedding Gift

Wedding gifts should be thoughtful, as they are supposed to keep in mind the needs of the couple. Friends of this couple in Ponneri really thought it through when they gifted the former three kilograms of onions for their wedding reception, the prices of which have peaked recently, The Hindu reported. The price of onion has jumped to Rs 125.

Sheeba Suvitha, who hails from Tiruvottiyur and is a nurse at the Ponneri Government Hospital. got married to engineer Senthil Kumar at a marriage hall in Arani near Ponneri.

A reception was organised for the couple and the invited guests gave many gifts to the couple. Sheeba’s friends from Government RSRM Hospital in Royapuram, where she worked earlier were the ones to give the couple the unique wedding gift.

“My friends from RSRM hospital – Hemalatha, Bharathi, Atulya and Ezhilarasi, Mohana and Raji from Ponneri Government Hospital also gave me a gift. It was packed like a bouquet and had a bow on top. Initially I thought it had flowers but I was shocked to find onions,” Sheeba was quoted as saying.

Her husband was equally amused at the gift, she added.

The couple said since they were supposed to greet guests at the stage, they couldn’t react immediately, but afterwards they laughed a great deal about it.

J Hemalatha, who is a counsellor in Government RSRM Hospital and was one of the friends who gave them the unique gift told the news outlet that after the wedding a day earlier, they were discussing what to give the couple and they ended up zeroing in on the vegetable as gift. They packed it well and gifted it to them shaped as a bouquet.

The families, Hemalatha said were equally amused at the gift and also asked them why they did not get them some too. They said it was a very useful gift considering the current price of onions.

This is not the first time that friends have got together to gift something unique as part of wedding gift. In a video that went viral last year, a newly wedded couple at Manjakuppam in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu were also seen recieving bouquet of onions from the friends of the groom.

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