US Man Makes ‘2020’ His Halloween Theme, Calls It the ‘Scariest Thing’

US Man Makes ‘2020’ His Halloween Theme, Calls It the ‘Scariest Thing’

For a US-based designer, Halloween celebration is tantamount to experiencing 2020.

Nashville designer James Worsham, who doesn’t really put up much Halloween decoration, came up with an eccentric idea for this year’s decoration.

Worhsam made a huge wooden cutout of 2020 and placed it in front of his house.

On two ends, he put few pumpkins to add onto the Halloween look. But that wasn’t complete without a signboard that had neighbours and passerbys hooked onto the design.

“It was the scariest thing I could think of . . .” the owner of Handy Dandy Productions wrote on the large signboard.

Speaking on Good Morning America, Worsham said that since he had scrap wood lying around, so he decided to put it in some good use. Besides, well known for his “daddy jokes”, he said, “Why not put one literally on my lawn”.

Worsham even took to Instagram to share his creation, and said, “For the first time, I decorated for Halloween!”

Worsham lost his work studio to a March tornado following the unprecedented lockdown. Having most of his finance dried up, he described the year as one of the worsts he ever had to face, reports CNBC.

On the other side, bringing a political twist to this year’s Halloween celebration, people in the west have been going all creative with Trumpkins — pumpkins designed with the face of Trump — and the images of the same have gone viral on social media.

The trend had first started in 2016 when US President Donald Trump had first run for the presidential election. And in 2020, it has again resurfaced as Trump gears up to go up against Democrat nominee, Joe Biden in the upcoming November 3 election.

The ‘Trumpkins’ are nothing but Donald Trump’s face carved out on pumpkins, in stead of the traditional Jack-o-Lantern.

Many viral images even showed the Trumpkins wearing wigs with the shade resembling to the hair colour of Trump.

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