Viral Video of Odisha Cop Voluntarily Sweeping Road is Proof That Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Viral Video of Odisha Cop Voluntarily Sweeping Road is Proof That Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Off late, the saying โ€˜not all hero wear capesโ€™ has become quite popular. Police personnel recently proved that the saying is absolutely true after he swept the road for the benefit of those riding their vehicles on it.

In a video that has won the internet’s heart, a police officers can be seen going beyond his duty for the larger good. The personnel identified as Lalit Mohan Rout is seen sweeping a road near Sikharpur square in Cuttack. He is brooming away the rubble on the road so that the motorists do not skid over it.

The clip has been shared by a journalist named Tazeen Qureshy. Captioning the video, she wrote, โ€œGood deed: A traffic cop clears the rubble on the road to avert skidding of vehicles in #Cuttack #Odisha.”

While it is true that people have been lauding the efforts of the police personnel, some people on the other hand have been raising questions on those whose actual job is to clean the rubble. Take a look at some of the reactions of netizens:

Actor and politician Akash Dasnayak too took to Twitter to laud the efforts of Lalit Mohan Rout. Retweeting the video, he said, โ€œIf we look closely around us, we will find many people, like the Cuttack traffic police officer here, who go beyond their specified set of responsibilities to help others and make their lives easier. My salute to such unsung heroes everywhere. #UnsungHeroes#HeroCop”

Speaking to the Orissa Post (, the hero cop said that he noticed these sand and stone chips causing trouble for two-wheelers. He decided to do something and ended up picking up a broom to clean the road.

It is worth mentioning that after the video of his noble deed broke the internet, he was felicitated by the Police Commissioner Dr. Sudhanshu Sarangi for his efforts.

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